bass - David Paton
drums & percussion - Stuart Elliott
acoustic & electric guitars - Ian Bairnson
keyboards - Eric Woolfson, Duncan Mackay
miscellaneous instrumental contributions - Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson
backing vocals - Chris Rainbow, David Paton
the orchestra of the Munich chamber opera of Eberhard Schoener leader - Sandor Farcas
orchestra co - ordinator - Curtis Briggs
vocals - Lesley Duncan, David Paton, Chris Rainbow, Clare Torry, Dave Townsend, Lenny Zakatek

1.Lucifer 5:08
2.You Lie Down With Dogs 3:48
3.I'd Rather Be A Man 3:54
4.You Won't Be There 3:38
5.Winding Me Up 4:01
6.Damned If I Do 4:53
7.Don't Hold Back 3:37
8.Secret Garden 4:43
9.If I Could Change Your Mind 5:48

Produced by Alan Parsons
Arista Records 1979
total time: 39:35