CD: EXIT 13 - Ethos Musick

Steve O'Donnell - guitars
Scott Lewis - drums, percussion
Dan Lilker - bass, keyboards, samples
Bill Yurkiewicz - vocals, lyrics, samples, power electronics

1.Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation 5:04
2.Ethos Musick 1:42
3.Facilitate The Emancipation Of Your Mummified Mentality 4:25
4.Diet For A New America 3:12
5.Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum 3:45
6.Reevaluate Life! 1:36
7.Legalize Hemp Now! (including A Warm Wave Of Euphoria) 7:40
8.Open Season (The Story Of Hunter Slaughter) 5:25
9.My Minds Mine! 4:30
10.Earth First! 4:37
11.Only Protest Gives A Hope Of Life! 3:57
12.Disemboweling Party 1:38
13.An Electronic Fugue For The Imminent Demise Of Planet Earth 28:04

Produced by Garris Shipon & EXIT 13
Relapse Records 1994
total time: 75:41