Gerry Shepherd - guitar
John Springate - bass
Pete Phipps - drums
Pete Gill - drums
Harvey Ellison - saxophones
John Rossall - saxophones

1.Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) 3:20
2.Come On, Come In, Get On 2:32
3.Happy Birthday 2:58
4.Hard On Me 2:16
5.To Know You Is To Love You 2:51
6.Money Honey 2:53
7.Hello Hello, I'm Back Again 3:20
8.Sidewalk Sinner 2:32
9.Didn't Do It Right 3:22
10.Lonely Boy 3:28
11.Hold On To What You Got 3:17
12.I.O.U. 3:08
13.Oh Yes You're Beautiful 3:50
14.I Would If I Could But I Can't 2:50
15.I'm Right, You're Wrong, I Win 2:38
16.I'll Carry Your Picture Everywhere 3:06

Produced by Mike Leander
Dojo Records 1974
total time: 48:28