CD: HAGGARD - Awaking The Centuries

1.Intro: Rachmaninov: Choir 0:38
2.Intro: Pestilencia 1:54
3.Chapter I: Heavenly Damnation 2:58
4.Chapter II: The Final Victory 3:35
5.Chapter II: Saltorella La Manuelina 0:57
6.Chapter III: Awaking The Centuries 9:34
7.Chapter III: Statement Zur Lage Der Musica 1:18
8.Chapter IV: In A Fullmoon Procession 5:18
9.Chapter IV: Menuett 1:19
10.Chapter V: Part 1.Prophecy Fulfilled Part 2.And The Dark Night Entered 6:23
11.Chapter V: Courante 1:12
12.Chapter V: Rachmaninov: Choir 2:32

Produced by Dieter Roth
BMG Records 2000
total time: 37:42