CD: HOWLIN' WOLF - The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (2CD)

Howlin' Wolf - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, 2nd guitar
Eric Clapton - lead guitar
Steve Winwood - piano & organ
Bill Wyman - bass guitar, shaker, cowbell
Charlie Watts - drums, conga, assorted percussion
Hubert Sumlin - guitar
Jeffrey M.Carp - harmonica
Ian Stewart - piano

additional personnel:
Richie - drums
Klaus Voorman - bass
John Simon - piano
Phil Upchurch - bass
Lafayette Leake - piano
Joe Miller - horn
Jordan Sandke - horn
Dennis Lansing - horn

Disc One:
1.Rockin' Daddy 3:46
2.I Ain't Superstitious 3:32
3.Sittin' On Top Of The World 3:53
4.Worried About My Baby 2:58
5.What A Woman! 3:03
6.Poor Boy 3:05
7.Built For Comfort 2:10
8.Who's Been Talking? 3:04
9.The Red Rooster (False Start And Dialog) 1:59
10.The Red Rooster 3:58
11.Do The Do 2:21
12.Highway 49 2:48
13.Wang Dang Doodle 4:32
14.Goin' Down Slow 5:55
15.Killing Floor 5:17
16.I Want To Have A Word With You 4:05

Disc Two:
1.Worried About My Baby (Rehearsal Take) 4:33
2.The Red Rooster (Alternate Mix with Alternate Piano) 4:03
3.What A Woman! (A/K/A Commit A Crime) (Alternate Take) 5:11
4.Who's Been Talking (Alternate Take with False Start & Dialog) 5:51
5.Worried About My Baby (Alternate Take) 3:44
6.I Ain't Superstitious (Alternate Take) 4:12
7.Highway 49 (Alternate Take) 3:41
8.Do The Do (Extended Alternate Take) 5:46
9.Poor Boy (Alternate Lyrics / Mix) 4:29
10.I Ain't Superstitious (Alternate Mix) 3:55
11.What A Woman! (A/K/A Commit A Crime) (Alternate Mix with Organ Overdub) 3:11
12.Rockin' Daddy (Alternate Mix) 3:58

Produced by Norman Dayron
MCA Records 1970
total time: 109:12