CD: IAN ANDERSON - Rupi's Dance

Ian Anderson - guitar (acoustic), flute, guitar, mandolin, percussion, accordion, guitar (bass), piccolo, vocals, bamboo flute, wood flute
Martin Barre - guitar (electric)
Andy Giddings - bass, keyboards
John O'Hara - accordion
Doane Perry - drums
Laszlo Bencker - piano, keyboards, organ (Hammond), Moog synthesizer, mellotron
Leslie Mandoki - percussion, drums, udu
Patrick Olwell - bamboo flute
James Duncan - drums
Gyula Benko - viola
Gabor Beran - violin
Gabor Csonka - violin
David Goodier - guitar (bass), standup bass
Phillip Hammig - piccolo
George Kopecsni - guitar, guitar (electric)
Ossi Schaller - guitar, guitar (electric)
Andras Sturcz - cello
Sturcz String Quartet

1.Calliandra Shade (The Cappuccino Song) 5:03
2.Rupi's Dance 2:59
3.Lost In Crowds 5:38
4.A Raft Of Penguins 3:35
5.A Week Of Moments 4:28
6.A Hand Of Thumbs 4:03
7.Eurology 3:15
8.Old Black Cat 3:41
9.Photo Shop 3:21
10.Pigeon Flying Over Berlin Zoo 4:19
11.Griminelli's Lament 2:57
12.Not Ralitsa Vassileva 4:46
13.Two Short Planks 4:04
14.Birthday Card At Christmas 3:37

Produced by Ian Anderson
Fuel 2000 Records 2003
total time: 55:50