CD: ELTON JOHN - The Road To El Dorado

1.El Dorado 4:22
2.Someday Out Of The Blue (Theme From El Dorado) 4:47
3.Without Question 4:47
4.Friends Never Say Goodbye 4:20
5.The Trail We Blaze 3:53
6.16th Century Man 3:39
7.The Panic In Me 5:40
8.It's Tough To Be A God (Duet with Randy Newman) 3:49
9.Trust Me 4:45
10.My Heart Dances 4:51
11.Queen Of Cities 3:56
12.Cheldorado 4:26
13.The Brig 2:58
14.Wonders Of The New World 5:55

Produced by Patrick Leonard
Dream Works Records 2000
total time: 62:14