CD: KHAN - Space Shanty

Steve Hillage - guitars, vocals
Nick Greenwood - bass, vocals
Eric Peachey - drums
Dave Stewart - organ, piano, skyceleste, marimbas

1.Space Shanty (Inc. The Cobalt Sequence And March Of The Sine Squadrons) 9:02
2.Stranded (Effervescent Psychonovelty No.5) 6:35
3.Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains 7:14
4.Driving To Amserdam 9:23
5.Stargazers 5:33
6.Hollow Stone (Escape Of The Space Pirates) 8:20
7.Break The Chains 3:26
8.Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains (First Version) 4:25

Produced by Neil Slaven & Gruggy Woof
Decca Records 1972
total time: 54:03