CD: LA BIONDA - La Bionda + Bandido

"La Bionda":

acoustic guitar & electric guitar-Freddy Protz, Richard W. Palmer James
arranged, keyboards, synthesizer [Arp]-Charly Ricanek
bass-Gary Unwin
choir-Claudia Schwarz, Jerry Rix, Maria Neuhaus, Peter Bishop
drums & percussion-Martin Harrison
saxophone-Benny Gebeuer, Giuseppe Solera
strings-The Bavarian Strings, Fritz Sonuleitner
trombone-George Delagay, Robert Meisner
trumpet-Ettienne Kut, George Rotzer, Walther Raab

1.One For You, One For Me 5:54
2.Hey Woman 5:07
3.There For Me 3:25
4.Sandstorm 10:15
5.Song For Smokey And The Bandit 3:57

Produced by Baby Records, Carmelo & Michelangelo
Ariola Records 1978


backing vocals-Claudia, Gitta, Maria, Renate
bass-Les Hurdle
drums, percussion & noises-Keith Forsey
guitar-Mats Bjorklund
piano, synthesizer [Polymoog] & noises [Tennis]-Charly Ricanek
strings-The Pop Strings Of Munich

6.Deserts Of Mars 6:32
7.Welcome Home 3:19
8.Moonlight Palais 4:12
9.Baby Make Love 4:11
10.Bandido 4:09
11.Black And White 4:00
12.Never Gonna Let You Go 6:46
13.Will She Or Won't She 3:54

Produced by Baby Records & LA BIONDA
Ariola Records 1979

14. Bandido (Single Version) 6:18
15. One For You, One For Me (Bonus Track) 5:03
16. There's No Other Way (Bonus Track) 2:42

total time: 79:53