CD: AVANTASIA - The Metal Opera

Tobias Sammet as vovice Gabriel
Ernie as druid Lugaid Vandroiy
David DeFeis as friar Jakob
Ralf Zdiarstek as bailiff von Kronberg
Sharon Den Adel as Anna Held
Rob Rock as bishop von Bicken
Oliver Hartmann as Pope Clemens VIII
Andre Matos as the elf Elderane
Kai Hansen as the dwarf Regrin
Timo Tolkki as voice in the tower

Henjo Richter - all rhythm & lead guitars
Markus Grosskopf - all basses
Alex Holzwarth - all drums
Tobias Sammet - all keys & orchestrations
Norman Meiritz - acoustic guitar
Frank Tischer - piano
Jens Ludwig - lead guitar
David DeFeis - additional lead vocals

1.Prelude 1:11
2.Reach Out For The Light 6:32
3.Serpents In Paradise 6:15
4.Malleus Maleficarum 1:42
5.Breaking Away 4:34
6.Farewell 6:32
7.The Glory Of Rome 5:28
8.In Nomine Patris 1:04
9.Avantasia 5:31
10.A New Dimension 1:39
11.Inside 2:23
12.Sign Of The Cross 6:24
13.The Tower 9:43
14.The Final Sacrifice 5:02

Produced by Tobias Sammet
AFM Records 2001
total time: 64:05