CD: BONNIE TYLER - Goodbye To The Island

guitar solos - Garth Watt - Roy
saxophone - Raphael Ravenscroft
keyboards - Betsy Cook & Mike McNaught
bass - Kevin Dunne & Felix Kirsch
drums - Jeff Allen & Liam Genockey
rhythm guitar - Steve Lipson, Gary Taylor & Robert Ahwai
special arrangements - Betsy Cook, John Cameron, Mike McNaught & Will Malone

1.I'm Just A Woman 5:07
2.We Danced On The Ceiling 4:56
3.Wild Love 4:35
4.The Closer You Get 3:48
5.Sometimes When We Touch 4:18
6.Goodbye To The Island 3:11
7.Wild Side Of Life 3:46
8.A Whiter Shade Of Pale 4:29
9.Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean 3:18
10.I Believe In Your Sweet Love 4:22
11.Come On, Give Me Loving 3:21
12.Get Out Of My Head 4:16
13.I Believe In Your Sweet Love (Single Version) 3:41

Produced by Hugh Murphy, Ronnie Scott & Steve Wolfe
RCA/7T's Records 1981
total time: 53:14