CD: BLACK CROWES - Before The Frost...

Christopher Robinson - vocals, harp, guitars
Richard Robinson - guitars, sitar, vocals
Luther Dickinson - guitars, mandolin
Sven Pipien - bass, vocals
Steve Gorman - drums, percussion
Adam MacDougall - keyboards, vocals

1.Good Morning Captain 3:24
2.Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love) 7:47
3.Appaloosa 3:35
4.A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound 4:23
5.I Aint Hiding 5:57
6.Kept My Soul 5:23
7.What Is Home 5:13
8.Houston Don't Dream About Me 5:05
9.Make Glad 4:18
10.And The Band Played On 4:12
11.Last Place That Love Lives 4:57

Produced by Paul Stacey
Silver Arrow Records 2009
total time: 54:18