CD: BENEDICTION - Killing Music

Dave Hunt
Neil Hutton
Frank Healy
Peter "Rewy" Rew
Daz Brookes
"Crazy" Al King
Kieran Byrne
Mick Kenney
Ade Moore
Micky Coyle

1.Intro 1:32
2.The Grey Man 2:42
3.Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask) 2:52
4.Killing Music 3:39
5.They Must Die Screaming 3:55
6.Dripping With Disgust 3:56
7.Wrath And Regret 3:46
8.As Her Skin Weeps 1:51
9.Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant 3:06
10.Immaculate Facade 4:49
11.Burying The Hatchet 1:56
12.Beg, You Dogs 3:52
13.Betrayer 3:39
14.They Bleed 3:54
15.Seeing Through My Eyes ("Broken Bones" Cover Song) 5:23
16.Largactyl ("Amebix" Cover Song) 2:39
17.Untitled 4:12

Produced by Mick Kenney
Nuclear Blast Records 2008
total time: 57:51