CD: LEO SAYER - Thunder In My Heart + Leo Sayer (2CD)

"Thunder In My Heart":

1.Thunder In My Heart 3:37
2.Easy To Love 3:43
3.Leave Well Enough Alone 3:13
4.I Want You Back 4:26
5.It's Over 3:46
6.Fool For Your Love 3:24
7.World Keeps On Turning 3:24
8.There Isn't Anything 3:13
9.Everything I've Got 2:36
10.We Can Start All Over Again 3:33
11.Kings Avenue (studio out - take) 3:25
12.Tell Me Just One More Time (session recording) 2:40
13.Thunder In My Heart Again (Miami Calling CD Mix) (Meck featuring Leo Sayer) 5:47

Produced by Richard Perry
Chrysalis Records 1977

"Leo Sayer":

1.Stormy Weather 4:15
2.Dancing The Night Away 4:22
3.I Can't Stop Loving You 3:32
4.La Booga Rooga 3:40
5.Raining In My Heart 3:13
6.Something Fine 3:55
7.Running To My Freedom 3:20
8.Frankie Lee 4:08
9.Don't Look Away 3:34
10.No Looking Back 2:56
11.I've Been Lonely For So Long (session recording) 3:43
12.New Orleans (session recording) 3:21

Produced by Richard Perry
Chrysalis Records 1978
total time: 90:55