CD: HATEBREED - For The Lions

Jamey Jasta - vocals
Chris Beattie - bass
Matt Byrne - drums
Frank 3Gun - guitar

1.Ghosts Of War (Slayer Cover) 4:00
2.Suicidal Maniac (Suicidal Tendencies Cover) 3:06
3.Escape (Metallica Cover) 4:37
4.Hatebreeders (Misfits Cover) 2:51
5.Set It Off (Madball Cover) 2:37
6.Thirsty And Miserable (Black Flag Cover) 2:21
7.All I Had I Gave (Crowbar Cover) 3:15
8.Your Mistake (Agnostic Front Cover) 1:43
9.I'm In Pain (Obituary Cover) 4:11
10.It's The Limit (Cro - Mags Cover) 1:40
11.Refuse / Resist (Sepultura Cover) 3:07
12.Supertouch / Shitfit (Bad Brains Cover) 2:21
13.Evil Minds (D.R.I. Cover) 0:57
14.Shut Me Out (Sick Of It All Cover) 2:14
15.Sick Of Talk (Negative Approach Cover) 0:38
16.Life Is Pain (Merauder Cover) 3:21
17.Hear Me (Judge Cover) 1:54
18.Boxed In (Subzero Cover) 2:59

Century Media Records 2009
total time: 48:00