CD: ALESTORM - Captain Morgan's Revenge

Christopher Bowes - vocals, keyboards, tin whistle
Gavin Harper - electric guitars, acoustic guitars, backing growls, jew's harp, tambourine, additional drums
Dani Evans - bass
Migo "Oger Mampf" Wagner - session drums

additional musicians:
Brendan Casey - additional bass
Lasse Lammert - vibraslap, tambourine
Ian Wilson - percussion

The Drunken Choir of the Funfpocalypse:
Christopher Bowes
Gavin Harper
Brendan Casey
Migo Wagner
Chris Mummelthey

1.Over The Seas 3:55
2.Captain Morgan's Revenge 6:42
3.The Huntmaster 4:59
4.Nancy The Tavern Wench 4:52
5.Death Before The Mast 3:17
6.Terror On The High Seas 3:51
7.Set Sail And Conquer 4:38
8.Of Treasure 2:58
9.Wenches & Mead 3:42
10.Flower Of Scotland 2:37

Napalm Records 2008
total time: 41:36