guitars - Dann Huff, Michael Landau, Craig T.Cooper
saxophones solos - Gary Herbig, Marc Russo
horns - Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Kim Hutchcroft
fluegelhorn - Jerry Hey
percussion - Mark Spiro, Nathan Alford Jr., Brian Malouf
bass - Nathan East, Larry Ball
all keyboards & synthesizers (including programming, electronic drums & bass) - Harold Faltermeyer, Mark Spiro, Bo Tomlyn, Michael Boddicker, Ed Arkin, Alan J.Pasqua, Steve Williams, Richard Ruttenberg, Brian Malouf, Michael Egizi, Michael Mason
background vocals - Mark Spiro, James Ingram, John Joyce, Richard Page, Joe Pizzulo, Jim Haas, Tom Kelly, Phillip Ingram, Beth Andersen, Maxi Anderson, Leslie Spiro, Kelly Bruss, Edie Lehman, Andrea Robinson, Rod Burton, Kevin Dorsey, Tommy Funderburk, Kyle Henderson, George Marrill, Susan Boyd, Rosemary Butler, Jill Colucci, Angie Jaree & Steve Williams

1.Hold Me 4:47
2.Maybe Tonight 3:40
3.Foolish Lullaby 4:19
4.Spanish Eddie 4:10
5.Forever Young 3:57
6.When I'm With You 4:14
7.I Found Someone 4:01
8.Sanctuary 3:33
9.Tenderness 3:46
10.When The Heat Hits The Streets 3:44

Produced by Jack White, Harold Faltermeyer & Mark Spiro
Atlantic Records 1985
total time: 40:18