synthesizer programming - Ronald Desgagne
keyboards & acoustic piano - Gino Soccio
wurtlizer piano - Robbie Goldfarb
lead vocals - Gino Soccio
background vocals - Gino Soccio, Heather Gauthier, Laurie Niedzielsky, Judy Richards
drums - Alfred Beasley, Derek Kendrick, Marvin Joly, Mark Higden
horns - Carlyle Miller, Roger Walls, Gary Nagels, Colin Biggin
percussion - Luc Boivin
bass - Jack August, Peter Dowse
electric guitar - Johnny Hagopian, Howard Foreman, Gino Soccio, Rejean Bouchard
acoustic guitar - Gino Soccio
strings - Lloyd Barry & The Shelly Kurland Strings

1.S - Beat 4:40
2.Heartbreaker 3:59
3.Rhythm Of The World 6:43
4.Steady Operator 3:03
5.The Runaway 5:07
6.Running In Circles 4:18
7.Love Is 2:28
8.I Wanna Take You There (Now) 5:56

Produced by Gino Soccio
Quality Records 1980
total time: 36:19