CD: FIGHT - Mutations

Rob Halford - vocals, guitar
Brian Tilse - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Jay Jay - bass guitar, backing vocals
Scott Travis - drums, backing vocals

1.Into The Pit (Live) 4:10
2.Nailed To The Gun (Live) 3:34
3.Freewheel Burning (Live) 4:45
4.Little Crazy (Live) 4:56
5.War Of Words (Bloody Tongue Mix) 6:48
6.Kill It (Dutch Death Mix) 3:51
7.Vicious (Middle Finger Mix) 6:06
8.Immortal Sin (Tolerance Mix) 5:49
9.Little Crazy (Straight Jacket Mix) 5:55
10.War Of Words (Culture Of Corruption - Bonus Remix) 3:47
11.Kill It (Lost Faith Mix - Bonus Remix) 3:53

Produced by Rob Halford
Epic Records 1994
total time: 53:39