CD: JOE PERRY - Have Guitar, Will Travel

Joe Perry - vocals, guitars, synth, percussion programming, sound effects
Hagen - vocals
David Hull - bass extraordinaire
Ben Tileston - drums, percussion, glockenspiel
Marty Richards - drums
Scott Meeder - drums
Willie (The Godfather Of Punk) Alexander - piano
Paul Santo - hammond organ, pipe organ, percussion
Glen McCarthy - sound effects

1.We've Got A Long Way To Go 4:34
2.Slingshot 4:20
3.Do You Wonder 5:13
4.Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonite) 4:10
5.Heaven And Hell 7:19
6.No Surprise 4:53
7.Wooden Ships 4:56
8.Oh Lord (21 Grams) 3:27
9.Scare The Cat 4:47
10.Freedom 3:49

Produced by Joe Perry
Roman Records 2009
total time: 47:33