CD: HOLLIES - Evolution

1.Then The Heartaches Begin (Mono) 2:47
2.Stop Right There (Mono) 2:28
3.Water On The Brain (Mono) 2:25
4.Lullaby To Tim (Mono) 3:03
5.Have You Ever Loved Somebody (Mono) 3:02
6.You Need Love (Mono) 2:34
7.Rain On The Window (Mono) 3:15
8.Heading For A Fall (Mono) 2:22
9.Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe (Mono) 2:21
10.When Your Light Turned On (Mono) 2:37
11.Leave Me (Mono) 2:19
12.The Games We Play (Mono) 2:57
13.Then The Heartache Begins (Stereo) 2:48
14.Stop Right There (Stereo) 2:28
15.Water On The Brain (Stereo) 2:26
16.Lullaby To Tim (Stereo) 3:03
17.Have You Ever Loved Somebody (Stereo) 3:02
18.You Need Love (Stereo) 2:33
19.Rain On The Window (Stereo) 3:13
20.Heading For A Fall (Stereo) 2:21
21.Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe (Stereo) 2:21
22.When Your Light Turned On (Stereo) 2:36
23.Leave Me (Stereo) 2:19
24.The Games We Play (Stereo) 2:46

Produced by Ron Richards
EMI Records 1967
total time: 64:17