CD: BOB CATLEY - Middle Earth

Bob Catley - lead & backing vocals
Vinny Burns - guitars
Gary Hughes - keyboards & backing vocals
Steve McKenna - bass guitar
Jon Cooksey - drums
Tracy Hitchings - additional vocals

1.The Wraith Of The Rings 7:05
2.I.The Fields That I Recall II.Emissary III.The Fields That I Recall (Reprise) 8:02
3.City Walls 6:11
4.Against The Wind 5:15
5.I.Where You Lead I'll Follow II.Stormcrow And Pilgrim III.Where You Lead I'll Follow (Reprise) 8:47
6.Return On The Mountain King 6:40
7.The End Of Summer (Galadriel's Theme) 5:51
8.This Gallant Band Of Manic Strangers 3:46
9.The Fellowship 4:23

Produced by Gary Hughes
Frontiers Records 2001
total time: 56:03