CD: HOT LEG - Red Light Fever

Justin 'Dave' Hawkins - lead singing, lead guitar, lead synthesizer
Pete Rinaldi - lead guitar, lead BVs
Samuel SJ Stokes - lead bass, lead BVs
Darby Todd - lead drums

1.Chickens 3:16
2.You Can't Hurt Me Any More 3:19
3.Ashamed (featuring Beverlei Brown) 3:04
4.I've Met Jesus 3:09
5.Trojan Guitar 5:24
6.Cocktails 3:57
7.Gay In The 80s 3:16
8.Prima Donna 3:27
9.Whichever Way You Wanna Give It 3:22
10.Kissing In The Wind 3:30

Produced by Justin Hawkins
Barbecue Rock Records 2009
total time: 35:49