CD: CRUACHAN - Blood On The Black Robe

Keith Fay - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bouzouki, mandolin, bodhran, percussion
John Fay - tin whistle, low whistle, percussion
John Ryan - violin, mandocello, bouzouki
John Clohessy - bass
Colin Purcell - drums, percussion

Karen Gilligan - vocals
Alex Shkuroparsky - galician bagpipe

1.To War 0:55
2.I Am Warrior 5:19
3.The Column 7:12
4.Thy Kingdom Gone 4:26
5.An Bean Sidhe 5:50
6.Blood On The Black Robe 6:39
7.Primeval Odium 7:18
8.The Voyage Of Bran 4:19
9.Brian Boru's March 3:29
10.Pagan Hate 5:12
11.The Nine Year War 7:21

Produced by Michael Richards
Candlelight Records 2011
total time: 58:05