CD: CARL DOUGLAS - The Best Of Carl Douglas (Kung Fu Fighting)

drums - Barry De Souza, Clem Catt
percussion - Chris Karan, Frank Ricotti
bass - Frank McDonald
keyboards - Gerry Shur
guitars - Pip Williams, Chris Rae
strings & brass conductor - Julien Gaillard
background vocals - Bones

1.Kung Fu Fighting 3:15
2.When You Got Love 3:29
3.I Want To Give You My Everything 2:36
4.Run Back 3:23
5.I Don't Care What People Say 3:36
6.Never Had This Dream Before 3:07
7.Love, Peace, And Happiness 3:09
8.Too Hot To Handle 3:15
9.Witchfinder General 2:53
10.Girl You're So Fine 2:51
11.Changing Times 3:00
12.Mistakes Of Mine 4:01
13.Green Tangerines And Wild Evergreens 4:01
14.Dance The Kung Fu 3:08
15.I'll Be Your Light 4:40
16.What's Good For The Goose 3:51

Produced by Biddu, Steve Elson & Keith Rossiter
Hot Productions Records 1994
total time: 54:23