CD: ALVIN LEE & MYLON LEFEVRE - On The Road To Freedom

1.On The Road To Freedom 4:15
2.The World Is Changing (I Got A Woman Back In Georgia) 2:47
3.So Sad (No Love Of His Own) 4:36
4.Fallen Angel 3:22
5.Funny 2:50
6.We Will Shine 2:39
7.Carry My Load 3:00
8.Lay Me Back 2:55
9.Let 'Em Say What They Will 2:54
10.I Can't Take It 2:53
11.Riffin 3:33
12.Rockin' Til The Sun Goes Down 3:10
13.So Sad [No Love Of His Own] (Single Version) 3:00

Produced by Alvin Lee
Chrysalis/Repertoire Records 1973
total time: 42:01