CD: GEORGE HARRISON - Early Takes Volume 1

1.My Sweet Lord (Demo) 3:34
2.Run Of The Mill (Demo) 1:55
3.I'd Have You Anytime (Early Take) 3:06
4.Mama, You've Been On My Mind (Demo) 3:05
5.Let It Be Me (Demo) 2:56
6.Woman Don't You Cry For Me (Early Take) 2:43
7.Awaiting On You All (Early Take) 2:40
8.Behind That Locked Door (Demo) 3:29
9.All Things Must Pass (Demo) 4:39
10.The Light That Has Lighted The World (Demo) 2:23

Produced by George Harrison
Compilation Produced by Giles Martin
Executive Produced by Olivia Harrison
Universal Music Records 2012
total time: 30:34