CD: JACK BRUCE - Harmony Row

Chris Spedding - guitars
John Marshall - percussion
Jack Bruce - bass

1.Can You Follow 1:32
2.Escape To The Royal Woods (On Ice) 3:48
3.You Burned The Tables On Me 3:53
4.There's A Forest 1:44
5.Morning Story 4:58
6.Folk Song 4:21
7.Smiles And Grin 6:10
8.Post War 4:25
9.A Letter Of Thanks 2:58
10.Victoria Sage 5:07
11.The Consul At Sunset 4:16
12.Green Hills ("Can You Follow") (Previously Unreleased) 2:18
13.Escape To The Royal Woods (On Ice) (Instrumental Demo Recorded) 4:06
14.There's A Forest (First Take) 2:11
15.You Burned The Tables On Me (Electric Piano Version) 4:12
16.Can You Follow (First Take) 1:46

Produced by Jack Bruce
Polydor Records 1971
total time: 57:53